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straggling by

Slow here, eh.

Well the history on community/user page I find very interesting. Found the community because I added Maurice Girodias to my interest list and looked to see who else did. By the way, there is a typo in the interest list. Should be Norman Rubington with only 1 "b."

I've never stayed at the Chelsea and I avert my eyes when I walk past. Though I must admit to staring at what I might see in my periphery. The Chelsea is legend. A stop for many whose paths I've examined. Not ready yet (and have no reason) to have my illusions and dreamt remembrances be challenged by current physicality.

I couldn't afford to live there. Ever puzzled over the circumstances of the bohos who made it their home. Perhaps significantly different economics of another time.

Since the building is profiled on the user info page, perhaps the messages and comments could acknowledge and build anecdotes on the people who've stayed.


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