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One night @ The Chelsea.

Anyone out there? Looks like such a great community -- hope I can discover some individuals here who adore this place as much as I do.

I admit -- I had to stay there. It was some random night. I lived in New York City for 6 months, and only spent one night at The Chelsea, but the experience was so intense I thought I was in a dream the whole time. Everything was beautiful, haunted and surreal. I spent the whole time just hanging out in the room, gazing out the window, wandering through the corridors, walking up and down the wrought-iron staircase. Definitely some incredibly profound energy there.

My room had a magnificent fireplace and lush, purple bed covers, and a bright red exotic lounge chair.

Though my favourite part was seeing all the paper mache dolls hanging by their necks from the ceiling next to reception.
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wow, that's amazing. I need to stay there. I've lived in the city for two years now and still have yet to spend a night at the Chelsea, entirely for monetary reasons... But i walk by it and sigh a lot
wonderful to hear about your story, tho!
Yeah, you've got to stay there - just once. I blew far too much money doing it but it's something I'll never regret. I sighed everytime I would walk past as well.
I'm absolutely going to do it this year, money be damned...perhaps for my birthday..

Also, I just checked out your journal and you seem utterly fabulous. mind if I add you?
Thanks!! You sound utterly devine yourself! *Adds you back!*

You should definitely check it out for your birthday - what an amazing gift to yourself :) Forget the club/pubs - you won't ever want to leave once you're there.
I have a strange connection with that hotel that I cannot explain...and I LOVE reading your bit of story here about staying there. Can you comment more? I want to hear more and more...I have the most surreal dreams and experiences having to do with that hotel. If I ever got rich, I'd live there. I hope to stay there again very soon. I want so badly to get photographs of the windows, looking out the windows or looking towards the windows and also pictures of the stairwell and that amazing heavy wrought iron.
What floor were you on? If you don't mind, do tell more!
What date were you there?
No probs...I'm so glad you liked hearing about my experience as much as I loved being there. I have to admit, I was a bit intoxicated when I checked-in. I'd been out drinking with friends (it was Monday evening, January 26, 2004) and it was just a spontaneous it's now or never moment. It was almost like I sobered up the second I got in there at the reception desk. Sadly enough, it also felt like I was "arriving home" and that was tragic because I knew I could only ever afford one single night, and I wanted to stay there, literally forever.

I'm like you -- If I ever got rich, I'd pack up and live there in a second. I've never felt like I belonged to a place more. I mean, I've always had a connection to New York itself itself, and that was before I even got there. I've been there 4 times since and recently spent 6 of the happiest months of my life living there. But The Chelsea...that's another story - just a intoxicatingly beautiful and special place that just so happens to be located in my most favourite city in the entire world.


God...I loved it so much. I almost cried when I walked out the next day after checking out! It was snowing...and the moment seemed so perfect - walking out of that place like I actually lived there.

I don't know how much more I can gush!! I forget what floor I was on...but I walked down a lot of stairs to get down to the ground floor! I think I rode the elevator and climbed the stairs, just to take in everything I could.

Some of the artwork in there is truly the most fucked-up I've seen. I just couldn't stop staring at all these paper mache dolls with their necks in nooses!

What kind of surreal dreams and experiences do you have? I'd love to know more! When did you stay there? You sound fascinating!