Dolldust (darkdevotchka) wrote in hotel_chelsea,

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One night @ The Chelsea.

Anyone out there? Looks like such a great community -- hope I can discover some individuals here who adore this place as much as I do.

I admit -- I had to stay there. It was some random night. I lived in New York City for 6 months, and only spent one night at The Chelsea, but the experience was so intense I thought I was in a dream the whole time. Everything was beautiful, haunted and surreal. I spent the whole time just hanging out in the room, gazing out the window, wandering through the corridors, walking up and down the wrought-iron staircase. Definitely some incredibly profound energy there.

My room had a magnificent fireplace and lush, purple bed covers, and a bright red exotic lounge chair.

Though my favourite part was seeing all the paper mache dolls hanging by their necks from the ceiling next to reception.
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